Our Menu!

The Landing Pub is pleased to offer our customers a fairly large menu of snack and finger foods. We use only pure conola oil for all our cooking which contains no poly-unsaturated fats offering a healthier choice for deep fried foods.

Wing Nights

You will love the delicious wings served here on every day. Our wings are breaded using our own special recepie of several different spices and fried in pure conola oil. They are then tossed in your favorite sauce and seved hot and crispy right to your table.

Choose from wing sauces such as Mild, Medium and Hot as well as barbeque tai or honey garlic.

Many have said that we serve the very best wings they have ever tasted, but we will let you decide.

Snack & Finger Foods

Chicken Nuggets
Zinger Wings
Cactus Cuts
Donair Egg Rolls **NEW**
Onion Rings
Mozza Sticks
Hayter's Taters **NEW**
Hamburger & Turkey Mess

Can't decide?
Ask about our Combo Baskets!

In Season

We served fresh cultured mussels with garlic butter, when in season here in Newfoundland. Also shrimp and scallops are occasionally served.