Fundraising Update!

Sarah Lights

Sarah was born and raised in Toronto. In late 2010, Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a double mastectomy in January of 2011. After many rounds of chemotherapy, Sarah and her husband Henry decided to move out of the hustle and bustle of Toronto to seek a quiet and peaceful place and thus in June of 2011 they settled and made Botwood their new home.

Sarah was hired as a bartender at the pub in August and has become acquainted with many people in the Botwood area such as her co-workers as well the many customers who frequent the pub on a daily basis.

In February, Sarah and Henry were told they were going to have a new addition to their family. They were estatic. Life seemed almost perfect. But things were just not to be that simple. Sarah found another lump in her chest area and has been given the news that the cancer is back. She had surgery in St. John's on Thursday, July 19th to remove the lump. Unfortunately, as if things weren't bad enough she has since been told that the cancer has spread to her lung and that it is in-operable.

Sarah is only 32 years old. Sarah had her baby in St. John's on Septemebr 7th. The baby is fine and she is now home with him in Botwood. His name is Logan Edward Lights. Sarah has undergone radiation treatments in St. John's and will start chemotherapy in Grand Falls - Windsor on October 22nd.

A Fundraising event for Sarah and Henry took place at the pub on Friday Night, August 24th, 2012. Thanks to the tremendous amount of support from people in the immediate area, $5,663. was raised that night. In addition a bank account has been set up for donations at the Bank of Montreal in Botwood and to date a total of $13,000 has been raised. A heart felt thank-you goes out to all those who have contributed in any way to this cause. The poeple all over Newfoundland and Labrador have given their support, compassion and generosity to help Sarah and her family during this time of crisis.

The bank account is still active and support still is coming in for Sarah. The account information is as follows:

Institution Code: 001
Transit #: 1001
Acct #: 3994-883