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This Is The Place To Be In Botwood, Newfoundland!

The Landing Pub was established March 31, 2001 under the ownership of Karen and Bert Hayter. The owners have been in business for over 30 years from Bert's Confectionary to Parkway Ultra-Service and now The Landing Pub, which offers exceptional business and customer service. Since opening, the Landing Pub has grown twice its size! An addition to the side of the building has allowed more capacity for a comfortable reception area or dance floor, whatever the public needs!

Our Theme

At the outbreak of World War 2 the Royal Canadian Air Force decided that Botwood would make a lovely efficient seaplane base. Soon after this decision the transformation took place - A large concrete slipway, two hangars, a tarmac and four bunkers were constructed on what we now know as the Botwood Airbase – and the attached Kilick Island. It was this location which became the home of two squadrons of PBY Canso flying boats.
Botwood was also a major player in the shipping business – both nationally and internationally. Commodities such as newsprint, gas and oil were being stored here in Botwood for later distribution.

Two large companies - Golden Eagle/Ultramar and Irving Oil - both had large storage tanks located within the towns perimeter. Both trains and planes were being used to transport these commodities to and from Botwood. Gold, newsprint and minerals were always being shipped from Buchans for storage in Botwood to await their final journey to overseas markets via our seaport base.
In later years the train and track system here in Newfoundland – and specifically Botwood – became obsolete. There were now roads running across our province and thus transport trucks took over the tasks of moving commodities from one community to the next.

Our Staff

Karen Hayter (Manager)
Penny Thompson
Donald Edison

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